Sunspots and Consciousness


There is significant talk about sunspots in the media these days. There are also complicated attempts by astrophysicists and others to predict such events. Because sunspots seems to occur in periods there is the idea of the sunspot cycle. In Wikipedia we read: “The solar cycle was discovered in 1843 by Samuel Heinrich Schwabe, who after 17 years of observations noticed a periodic variation in the average number of sunspots seen from year to year on the solar disk. Rudolf Wolf compiled and studied these and other observations, reconstructing the cycle back to 1745, eventually pushing these reconstructions to the earliest observations of sunspots by Galileo and contemporaries in the early seventeenth century.

Starting with Wolf, solar astronomers have found it useful to define a standard sunspot number index, which continues to be used today.”

But what if this time of observation has been too short to really determine the true cycles or other important variables? What if further examination would reveal a cause and effect relationship not yet understood by science? What if the cause and effect relationship is a bit too science fiction for science? Science requires testing, and is greatly constrained in this circumstance by the need to be able to gather sufficient data and to reproduce hypotheses?.

Of course, you know I am leading up to an alternative theory. The alternative theory posits that the phenomenon of “sunspots” is inextricably connected to instability and turmoil upon the planet earth itself. Whenever war, strife, and turmoil occurr in the affairs of humankind, sunspots occur as a natural consequence. In other words, instability among people leads to instability upon the planet and throughout the universe!

Now this is a difficult theory to test. To test this theory we would have to create a significant period of peace on this planet and none of us can remember a time that would give us 5 -7 decades of peace. So just as this theory seems un-testable I would like you to consider the following evidence.

The evidence is referenced in a book titled “Gods in the Making and other writings by W.H. Church”. He has a chapter in the book called: Age of Glory, An interpretation of the 70 – year Sunspot Hiatus (1645 – 1715). Galileo invented the telescope in 1610 and close observation of the sun began in that year. The interesting point of this chapter is that for seventy years, beginning about 1645, with a couple of small exceptions, there were no grave wars or other disruptions. It was a real hiatus, a time of calm on the planet. It was The Age of Enlightenment. There was almost no sunspot activity through this period.

A second interesting indicator of this period and evidence was not discovered until 1922. In 1922 it was discovered in a museum in Europe that tree rings from that period were remarkable uniform. They did not show the variable cycles of widening and narrowing bands, a cycle now considered “normal”.

These days the physicists are more and more determining that there is a oneness of the vast universe and that everything therein is closely connected and coupled. Carl Jung used the term “synchronicity” to describe this same phenomenon on a human level. John W. Keely’s theories elucidate concepts of a sympathetic vibration that connects all things and energies, and that the harmony of these vibrations creates what we see.

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