Synchronicity is a concept, first explained by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

So, I’m catching the train in Seattle Wednesday night, its cold and dark, its the shortest day of the year. I am walking down the concrete walkway next to the train looking for my car and then finding my seat. I am ready to put my nose into a favorite old book and a woman sits down next to me. Her name is Regina. We exchange pleasantries and get into a wonderful conversation. The next thing you know I’m wishing her well at my stop in Olympia.

She was carrying a Steinbeck novel but had forgotten her glasses. I had forgotten my headphones and so we talked. She was much younger and a College level English teacher about to move to Portland and begin a teaching position. We have a delightful conversation. We have many shared perspectives and interests. She feels like someone I’ve always known, a connection.

The truth is, everything in our life is connected. From the past, to the present and future — every single coincidence or accident we stumble upon is connected, linked. No matter how small or big, it is all about synchronicity.

Every action you make creates an effect in the universe. You unconsciously connect your thoughts to others. Synchronicity is the law of oneness. We are all connected. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything. We are all connected.

There are no coincidences, no accidents. Every coincidence has meaning for us.

Whether you feel like you are having a perfect day, or a bad day, the universe is sending you a message. People and things happening in an exact moment is nothing but synchronicity and, fortunately, there is a way to accept it.

Do you know the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”?

That is exactly how synchronicity is explained. Whenever you are synchronized with something you truly want, you are more likely to meet that thing, which is why similar people meet ‘accidentally’. The thing is, they are tuned in to the exact same frequency, and synchronicity does its best to match them. My life these days is moving in that direction and I couldn’t be more pleased.

We connected on so many levels and we reflected back to each other many wonderful things. I know so because it felt so good. And though I do not expect we will ever meet again, I am so grateful for such a deep conversation. The seats on Amtrak were assigned, and the universe placed us together for a trip down the tracks to Olympia. And I am grateful.

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