I marvel at the polarities on this planet. Everything has an opposite. I have long believed because of the opposites, everything has an antidote. All manifestations have an opposite that renders things into a neutrality. This is demonstrated throughout all of our three dimensional world.

In our current medical model we rely primarily on science, we treat the symptoms. If someone has cancer, success is determined through the elimination of symptoms. It is possible that removing symptoms can be a sign that the root cause of a problem may be resolved. Most often the temporary removal of symptoms is followed by new physical problems. In the distant past I learned that symptoms are the result of thinking, that mind is the creator. Without changing the root patterns of thought there is no real healing.

Arthritis, as an example, comes from a mental pattern of criticism of self and others. Changing that pattern to accepting and allowing others is necessary for healing to follow.

Of course, from a certain perspective, arthritis may serve a purpose not apparent to the conscious mind.

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