Magical Moments

In the early evening of June 14th 2021 I had the joy of watching a rare phenomena to the east of my home. There was a rain storm off to the east and the sun was low on the horizon finding it’s way under clouds. The result was over thirty minutes of watching amazing rainbows. At one point I took the photo above. I had to use the panorama feature on my phone to get it all in frame.

life is like that and sometimes we have magic that leaves us in awe. Now if I could live in awe I am certain it might become uninteresting. Some times rarity is a gift that awakens a joy in our being.

I happened to just page though one of my books in my library tonight and found this ancient Chinese Proverb I would like to share with you. Here it is:

If you want happiness for an hour take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day go fishing.
If you want happiness for a month get married.
If you want happiness for a year inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime help someone else.
If you want eternal happiness know yourself.

Five Questions That Left Me Thinking…

Westport Wa.  September 2016

I was reading a blog post recently and one third of the way through the post I encountered the following:

“One way to begin discovering what kind of unconscious ideals we’ve been constructing in our own lives is to ask ourselves introspective questions like the following:

1) What sort of workplace would my company be if every employee was just like myself?; 2) What sort of home life would there be if every wife/husband/child was just like myself?; 3) What sort of neighborhood would this be if every neighbor were just like myself?;
4) What sort of self-worth would individuals have if every person had my self-esteem?; or, 5) What sort of church or synagogue would my congregation be if every member were just like myself?

Questions like these aren’t meant to discourage us but instead to help us realize just how powerful unconscious ideals have been in shaping what we’ve become, both positively and negatively.”

I hope someday to be able to answer all these with an adamant yes. For now these sentences may best be an easy way to check my progress.

Holistic Medicine

As my brilliant retired doctor says, “the medical system has gone to hell”.  The idea of treating the patient physically, mentally, and spiritually is virtually none existent. Physicians refer to specialists to limit liability under threat of malpractice having to do with the legal definition of the standard of care. There is a good historical analysis here.

In other countries physicians are encouraged to consider more than just tests and to treat the patient by considering many variables affecting the patient’s life. I have yet to find a practice in my city that incorporates multiple modalities within one office. It is ironic that one of the pioneers of hypnotherapy was a medical doctor. Dr. Milton Erickson was so successful at assisting patients that his approach is still the subject of analysis, research, publications and books.

Erickson wikipedia page
Erickson Foundation page

As I thought about this today I was thinking about how nice it would be to be part of a team consisting of multi-disciplinary professionals working in concert to assist patients with their symptoms. Perhaps someday that will be so. For now, each professional works with their own subset of tools, interpreting each patients symptoms within a narrow discipline.

The photo is of Milton Erickson

Spring Arrives

Spring arrived today signaling a change, we are cycling again. 

To experience love is to experience giving from within. That experience is something that we recognize and can easily distinguish it from taking, and from wanting. Given freely, love is a testimony to the fact we’re not  hollow or empty inside, but contain a spark of creative spirit.

Henry Reed

My Musings on Ideals

My tattered 11 x 17″ ideals page

I have often thought of ideals as a means to determine what choice to make when presented more than one choice. However, recent events have made it clear to me that though sometimes that is effective sometimes it isn’t. I am having to make a choice amongst alternatives and as I read my ideals I realize there isn’t any one alternative inherently better than the other. So how to make a choice?

Perhaps the answer lies in imagining which direction allows the greater expression of your ideals. A means of understanding this better would be to imagine two polarities. One polarity is the mob nature of crime syndicates versus the nature of working at a flower shop. If your ideal is love, then the flower shop is a much better choice than the mob.

So, I am looking at my spiritual, mental, and physical ideals and asking myself, which choice allows the greater expression of my ideals. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to work when the alternatives are relatively equal. Maybe it is like planting in the most nurturing soil, which will allow for the healthiest plant?

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As You Awaken

I saw this on Facebook and just had to put it here on my blog.

as-you-awakenIt is so true, that nothing but finding the center of who we are, will ever bring peace in this world of polarity. In the center lie the answers.

As Lao Tzu says: “Love is a decision. Not an emotion.”  “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

Depressed by the Manipulation of the Speed of Light


I have a theory and I am going to share it with you. I theorize that we are recently being depressed by the speed of light. Of course, it is logical to assume that the speed of light has remained constant in the universe for some time. So it isn’t a change in the speed of light that is causing the depression. I think we might be depressed because we have learned to use the speed of light to move information globally.

Just a few hundred years ago, news that occurred in Europe would take months to arrive in the United States. By the time we heard the news the impact on us was muted by the time that had passed — months. Now you can’t escape the bad news, it comes across social media equally fast. Often it is compassion evoking and often fear provoking.

Information/news systems now alert us to many events happening globally. These news events are strongly skewed toward “bad” things just as local news is about every big enough bad thing that happened that day. And, it is unimportant that we assign responsibility for this bias to the demands of viewers or the propagandists of an era. What is important is the ratio of reality presented in information/news systems.

Continuing with my theorizing,  if on average, each person is kind to another person three times a day, then we have 21 billion acts of kindness each day.These acts come from humans, humans that possess freewill, choice.

If our information/news systems represented this ratio of reality, you and I would have a difficult time finding a violent fear inducing show on television. Most everyday, most everybody, does their best to cooperate, get along, be helpful and perhaps someday our institutions, nation, and world will reflect the values of the regular people doing acts of kindness to others.

I received five acts of kindness from others today and that made me think about the speed of light and the ratio of reality in our information/news systems. Most important is the choice to give acts of kindness, as that heals our body and the soul.

There was a woman in France alive and well into her hundred and twenties. Of course, everyone would like to know how to stay well and enjoy life like she was doing. She wasn’t a saint and had a shot of something every night and she had smoked for a hundred of those years. What she had was a ideal. An ideal of staying calm if there was nothing she could do to change something happening in the world. Now isn’t that something?


Love Accept and Allow


I feel the need to write something. I would like it to be something that you would read and then find yourself in complete understanding, peace and bliss. That would be enough of a contribution for me to give the world.

Some people say if you are still alive you have not yet completed what your soul wants you to complete in this life. I am still alive and wondering just what that could be. It is mind boggling to realize we are all here with something to learn and something to do. It’s not like we are all here to begin revolutions or save the world. No, its much simpler and it has something to do with giving, with being of service.

I initially saw my work with hypnosis in lofty terms. I would help people discover their purpose and complete that purpose. I would help them heal and find meaning and purpose. After so many years my aspirations have lessened but not my ideal. I cannot accelerate the growth of a tomato or a person. Everyone has their own timeline and free will, this means that they write the rules of their reality.

So, I love accept and allow

Sometimes the tools we think we are going to use to help others are as much that opportunity as they are the opportunity to change self. In the personal transformation world you hear it is the journey that is most important, not the destination. Perhaps the journey and the destination are important as you are both moving within the illusion of time and space and already one with everything.

The seers say the truth is within each of us, to be found in the little things of kindness, compassion, love, and service.



The Swamp

dec2014_DSC01569V2I went off to the swamp on the southeast side of the property. Sometimes I just need a little adventure. So I took the camera, camera bag and tripod and set off into the domain of the beaver and other creatures. When you don’t maintain a road for years it tends to almost disappear. That would describe the state of the road leading to my ultimate destination, a little pond up the hill aways.

It is rather mystical, the forest, it seems empty but animal trails are everywhere and so too were the bones of a devoured creature. The bones lay in the shape of a x or a cross, depending on your point of view.

Up at the pond my suspicions were confirmed, beavers. Beavers were clogging the drainage points. I cleared one by hand hoping it was the one I wanted. Alas, I cleared the overflow drain pipe. I wonder if the beavers had it repaired by breakfast. They are quite amazing. On one hand they are the best flood controls you can have. On the other hand they can raise the winter water table significantly near their projects.