I was expecting to see a woman this week. Her sister had passed recently. I was expecting her call.

Yesterday two people called to say she had taken her life late Monday. We were to meet this week sometime when she would be in Olympia. We had talked for half an hour last Wednesday and life was difficult for her. Her bond with her sister was very strong. She had cared for her sister as her sister moved through last stages of cancer.  Her loss was compounded by having to get back into the flow of commerce, find a job, make some money.

Most people who knew her considered her grief normal. I too felt she was grieving and would naturally emerge from that grief. Everyone will have a moment of wondering what if? What if I had called, or what if I had noticed, or what if I had reached out. This is normal and it is normal because the future is unknown. Consciousness is busily holding thoughts and feelings, busily creating the future moment by moment.

DSC02169v1All souls are eternal, and lifetimes are but a blink of an eye in eternity. Lessons not worked through will be worked through later. It is a universe of eventually, eventually we grow into greater harmony. It is ultimately a cooperative universe.

She is close and she and I are going to collaborate on a creation that commemorates her life.If you wish to communicate with her, find quiet space, think of her,watch, listen, feel, she is close.

My sense is that she is now looking at the options she had that she didn’t see in her grief. She made a choice. Choice is that which makes us truly divine. With our ultimate return to oneness with the source, her choice is of no real importance in the scope of eternity. Still, now we process our loss and grief alone and together. Such are the effects of some transitions in life.



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