Back from my Sabbatical

I had meant to take a couple of months off to work on rehabbing the house we were planning to move into if our house sold. As plans often do, they changed. In Minnesota I tore my Achilles badly and for the next several months I was on crutches and in a boot. Some sabbatical. Of course there was some great learnings. Not being able to walk is a learning experience for sure. I’m now in physical therapy and getting much better. Still, I have to be careful for many months as this heals.

We moved in December and I have my office here now in the building next door. Here is a photo.

My New Office Space

A Personal Update

It is December and I have taken months off. It started as a sabbatical and then extended into the complications of a ripped Achilles Tendon, a remodel of a house, and then a move into that house.

I am now walking fairly well again and getting my new office together so that I can again see people. Change just keeps coming along and I am hoping the changes you desire come true soon.

Holiday Greetings to You,



Time Off

I’m taking some time off. I’m in Minnesota to attend my 50th high school reunion. It was a class of 862 and over one hundred of the class are dead. I’ve heard stories of others very ill or chronically ill who can’t attend.

I’m grateful to be here and in good health even though I’m limping from and overzealous Pickle ball game. I have sprained my left calf muscle. I was having fun learning how to play but overestimated my bodies conditioning. I was warned by a close friend too.

Below are The Patricians we played music together professionally in both junior and senior high school. We have rehearsed a few songs and play them in the High School auditorium tomorrow. It’s been fun to get together. I’m so grateful to be able to do this, it is a gift.

The Patricians

One of the authors I read is Michael Newton. He is a Hypnotherapist who specializes in past life regressions focusing on the “place” and “time” between lives. I happened on an article talking about the similarities noted in 7000 people’s experiences between lives. It a good read and the website itself is one worth subscribing to.

One of the similarities noted is that most souls in the world today are in an early stage of development. That explains so much. I am always wondering why we the people don’t act in concert to change the priorities on this planet or why people are so clueless. And in the most sad of ways ways people are hypnotized to a narrative that they think is a result of their brilliant intellect, while all the while they are being manipulated through the very powerful tools of media, mass and social. We are glued to our devices.

We really have to break the trance we don’t realize we are in. And how does anybody become aware of being entranced, programmed.

There is a book that addresses this issue. I feel like I will have to reread  it when I return home. It’s called: Trances People Live by Steven Wolinsky.

Here is a description of the book. Read the book and get a good therapist. A therapist can help you discover the trances you are in and help change them.

“At last, the missing piece of the dysfunctional puzzle. It is not enough to understand or even relive our childhood traumas. Dr. Wolinsky shows us how we continue to recreate those traumas in our adult lives and how to stop creating them. Every uncomfortable emotional state, and many psychosomatic symptoms, are also states of trance. Trance is the “glue” that holds the problem in the present moment. Learning to identify the kind of trance state beneath a problem or symptom gives us the tool that finally dissolves the glue. This book offers a gold-mine of resources for those who suffer from dysfunctional patterns of behavior or for anyone who feels stuck in an undesirable emotional or addictive state. Learning to step out of the trance states that create our problems and symptoms is to learn to step into the present moment at last free of the baggage from our past.”

Childhood + Affection = Happier Adults

Are parents important in creating the state of mind of those children as adults? Absolutely!

“According to Child Trends – the leading nonprofit research organization in the United States focused on improving the lives and prospects of children, youth, and their families – science supports the idea that warmth and affection expressed by parents to their children results in life-long positive outcomes for those children.”

That is me in front of my snow fort. My childhood in Minnesota!

Here is a link to the article from the Gottman Institute


When I took Reiki Healing training one of the students was Katrina Dick. We have stayed in touch ever since and she has now opened an office in Elma Washington. Elma is about 35 minutes west of Olympia.
I visited her office this week and am wishing her great success.
She can be reached by phone at 1-360-480-7526

Change is Normal

Change is normal, necessary, and unavoidable. I’m changing my spiritual ideal to love. I’ve been influenced to do so by a very loving man I met at my retreat this week. In the presence of kindness and love we may realize Its never too late to improve. I really hope to someday be the best I can be and little by little change comes.

Garden and Gratitude

I cleaned the garden today, getting it ready for winter. I’m hoping to get compost and more rock dust on it before Christmas. The freeze is coming soon now and most plants will succumb. If the freeze is hard and long, roots in pots may not survive. The garden and I both miss the longer days and the sun.

I transplanted lettuce into the tomato pots in the greenhouse, that’s the sign of an optimist I suppose. I just like to keep things alive, perhaps you do too. In gardens as in life there is the struggle to keep things going against the odds.

I’m often amazed how we as people don’t see opportunities that present themselves to us, later those opportunities may seem obvious, but at the time we can’t or won’t see them. A sage once said that everything we need to grow in awareness is always right there in front of us.  And, I’m always interested in why we do or do not see , sense, or feel them. Why our actions sometimes seem at odds with our best interests.

Get a PHD in Psychology and discover you don’t have all the answers. We humans are very complex. Often times we are afraid of making mistakes. We surely are going to along the way. But is anything ever without an opportunity? I’d say everything is an opportunity for wisdom and compassion. No matter what, it is better to act, to keep moving, experimenting than to sit paralyzed. A mistake still has momentum and will self correct, and from another point of view, may simply be an experience we really need.

When we are very young there are the terrible twos. I think of that time as a time when we children discover we are not free. We are being told no and we don’t like it. We become oppositional. To a greater degree this fades as we grow up, but not always. Sometimes it continues into adulthood unabated, but arising from the unconscious mind.

This season has been unusual, unusual because many people I know had great stress, and some great physical trauma. I am grateful for my health and I send hope for theirs.

Well, I’m happy, I had a nice garden this year. Something’s grew really well, others didn’t, it’s always like that. A garden is a lot of work. We have a great farmer’s market close to us. I do my best with my garden, not everything gets attended to at just the right moment. But there is more good than not from working in a garden, so I do what I can.

I just dug up the beets. I brought the surviving herb pots into the greenhouse space and now comes the winter.

This beet I am holding is about four pounds and last night we ate some of it and it was good. How we feed the plants though getting nutrition in the soil can yield very nutritious food.

A tree trunk the size of a man grows from a blade as thin as a hair. A tower nine stories high is built from a small heap of earth.
Lao Tzu

Where Does The Time Go?

It is nearly Thanksgiving again. I have not added anything to this blog for months. And you know you know how that goes. A family member dies, a divorce happens, a job is lost, a big move happens, and the next thing you know your world is out of balance, a top wobbling. And, it is natural, natural to feel out of balance at times. Here is a partial table from Wikipedia with top ten experiences of stress statistically presented.


So, I have been affected for some time by some stressful situations. Its inevitable. And I know all experiences are an opportunity to gain wisdom, to express compassion, to be love.

Recently I read a scientific study that found that uncertainty is stressful, that it creates anxiety. They could have just asked most of us to know that is true. Given that uncertainty is prevalent in most historic times and places, it seems we have to take responsibility for our own interpretation of events. Shy of creating world peace, we don’t at present have much of a choice but to learn to respond peacefully to events we do not control.

I had lunch with a new friend. We met at a fundraiser and had the best time talking. We went to lunch last week and we both very much appreciate each other. Our overlap or common denominator is metaphysics. She gave me her October issue of Science of Mind magazine and in were these words beginning an article about Sainthood and Mother Teresa.

“Many years ago, a noted psychotherapist asked members of an audience, “If I squeeze an orange, what comes out of it?” After a few seconds someone shouted back an answer: “Orange juice!” The audience laughed. The psychotherapist smiled. “Yes,
he said. “Orange juice. Why? A few moments later another audience member answered, “Because that’s what’s inside the orange.”
“Yes,” said the psychotherapist “You don’t squeeze an orange and get apple juice. You squeeze an orange and you get orange juice because that’s what’s inside it. The juice is the orange’s essence.”
The psychotherapist then asked another question. “So what comes out of you when someone puts the squeeze on you? When someone is mean or disappoints you or slanders you? When you are in a crisis situation? When you see people suffering around you? What comes out of you.”

My new friend is ninety-six years old. She is writing a book about her life. I can’t wait to read it. She has quite a story to tell from what I have learned from her so far.

Goodbye Ruby

The unthinkable, the unbearable, the unfathomable, loss, something gone, not to return, a spirit set free of a body. My cat Ruby died today. The vet came. She said it was most likely kidney failure. I will bury her after a while, the vet said its best to wait a while. That makes sense to me, she’ll probably try a few times to get that body moving. I laid next to her as she passed and she summoned up faint purrs at the end. I am so blessed.

So I’m singing her a few songs as she lies in her bed in front of the window in my music room. And in a while, dusk, I will take her out to a spot by the pond that she loved. I am wrapping her in a fine towel and burying her between two large stones. I know she would approve.


We most all know loss, loss of a pet is different for me than the loss of people. Pets so embody unconditional love, and so, their loss is different.  We usually don’t have grudges with our pets, things we could never forgive because it was so awful. No, we are pulled to be our best selves with our pets. We forgive, offer kindness as best we can, and we might at times wonder how they can be so kind and forgiving.





I was expecting to see a woman this week. Her sister had passed recently. I was expecting her call.

Yesterday two people called to say she had taken her life late Monday. We were to meet this week sometime when she would be in Olympia. We had talked for half an hour last Wednesday and life was difficult for her. Her bond with her sister was very strong. She had cared for her sister as her sister moved through last stages of cancer.  Her loss was compounded by having to get back into the flow of commerce, find a job, make some money.

Most people who knew her considered her grief normal. I too felt she was grieving and would naturally emerge from that grief. Everyone will have a moment of wondering what if? What if I had called, or what if I had noticed, or what if I had reached out. This is normal and it is normal because the future is unknown. Consciousness is busily holding thoughts and feelings, busily creating the future moment by moment.

DSC02169v1All souls are eternal, and lifetimes are but a blink of an eye in eternity. Lessons not worked through will be worked through later. It is a universe of eventually, eventually we grow into greater harmony. It is ultimately a cooperative universe.

She is close and she and I are going to collaborate on a creation that commemorates her life.If you wish to communicate with her, find quiet space, think of her,watch, listen, feel, she is close.

My sense is that she is now looking at the options she had that she didn’t see in her grief. She made a choice. Choice is that which makes us truly divine. With our ultimate return to oneness with the source, her choice is of no real importance in the scope of eternity. Still, now we process our loss and grief alone and together. Such are the effects of some transitions in life.