Consciousness and Energy

For a long time I’ve been wanting to do “energy healing”. I have discovered recently that I can have that integration. I first began energy healing in my late twenties. On and off since then I have been willing to do so while being shy about it. Shy because most people do not grant the existence of energy healing.

Recently I have combined the hypnotherapy (conscious) with the energy with two clients open to the experience. I am writing this because I am now publicly announcing that this integration is available. Both clients reported very positive experiences and I feel this is the future of my service.

I am writing this tonight because one client wrote: “I’m feeling so much better since our appointment. I have energy! Been cleaning and
“Tying up loose ends”. Checking off my list! Of course I keep making new lists!!!”

I am a certified Reiki healer and I have adapted aspects of that modality to blend with my Hypnotherapy and my decades of “Ricki” healing. I am using the cranial sacral method of making contact via gently holding the feet. I have noticed deeper trance states as a result. I’ve also noticed strong lasting post trance benefits.

I am thrilled to merge consciousness and energy into a synergistic powerful healing tool. In my past consciousness and energy was just a concept having to do with manifesting in three dimensional space. Now it is an action.  💜



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