105 DAYS

It will take you one hundred and five days to do the following five things. Now you don’t know how you will change doing these things, one at a time, for 21 days at a time, but something will change. You don’t know what you will discover, but you will discover things.

Here are the five techniques:
Do one at a time. Do it for 21 days.
Then let me know what you discover, I’d love to know.

dsc02994v2500w1) Sometime during your day, perhaps best at bedtime, write down three things you are grateful for that have occurred in the past 24 hours. Also, write down why you are grateful. Each day find 3 new ones.

2) Think of a meaningful experience from you life for two minutes each day. Write down every detail you can remember. As you do this look at the words you used to describe your experience.

3) Add fifteen minutes of a fun activity each day with energy. This creates a cascading effect over the days. This is to be an active event.

4) Consciously add three smiles to your day. As you go through your day smile at people until three of them have replied spontaneously with a return smile.

5) Reconnect to your social network.


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