So many approaches to therapy focus on forgiveness. The focus is because there is a healing that comes from forgiveness. The following is an expanded explanation for the thoughts on the left.

“When you forgive, you cannot blame. If there is no one or nothing to blame, you can’t be a victim.  If you do not blame, its exceedingly difficult to become angry.  What you cannot become angry about, you do not fear.  When there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to become angry about and no one to blame.  Life is simply a miracle, and living is the process of maximizing the miraculous experience….

When you accept responsibility for everything in your universe, you gain the power to make changes.  The real changes are made in you, and thus your experience of life, and self becoming qualitatively different, almost immediately. ”

Eldon Taylor Ph.D.

Forgiveness eliminates karma.

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