Anxiety Manifestation


Recently anxiety has overtaken depression in the realms of most popular psychological malady. As a human being I too at times become anxious. As a therapist many people come to see me due to anxiety. Because we are mind in a body, discovering the thoughts that create the anxiety and lessening or eliminating those thoughts is the path to calm.

“Many of us don’t realize that every thought, word and action we say and do in life is transmitted via the etheric and nervous system to every organ, cell and molecule of the body. In less than a second your energy system starts working towards your choices and actions. If these are not congruent with your beliefs, goals and values, the result will be a physical or chemical imbalance in the body.”

“We are all motivated at a subconscious level to stay on the path of our purpose. When we deviate or refrain from this path, for whatever reason, our inner being starts working against us, alerting us to look inside ourselves and at what we are avoiding, denying, or resisting. If we refuse to listen, we become anxious, stressed and plagued with fear and confusion. When we deny what we feel, we feel trapped and become ungrounded. Life feels chaotic.”

Here’s a simple thing to do: when you notice your mind saying something unkind about you, a word like “you idiot” (one of my past favorites when I fail at something) note that word and banish it. Forbid you to call you an idiot. In time you will stop doing that to yourself. Do this with three words and you will be happier.


It is amazing to me how the universe works sometimes. I attended a retreat seminar last weekend hosted by the local chapter of the ARE. The key presenter was Dr. C Norman Shealy. He’s a wonderfully intelligent MD and PHD with numerous patented inventions in healthcare. So, I was shocked when opened his presentation saying that the number one thing he believes anyone should do when confronting a health issue is to get a past life regression. Up until that moment I wasn’t sure this retreat was for me, and then I was enthralled.

I try not to stand out as too woo woo because I desire to help as many people as possible in my practice. Someone who comes to me with congestive heart failure and a mainstream religion needs the immediate help I can provide and I don’t need to lessen that help by talking about things they would find uncomfortable.

Now this has me thinking about how I can add this as a possibility for more clients.

One of the very next things he said also rocked my boat. He suggested that Autogenics (self-hypnosis) would cure 80% of all problems people have, but that alas, most people lack the self discipline or motivation to set aside 10 – 20 minutes twice a day to engage this.

He also said that all our troubles are the result of fear. I’ve known this for awhile but, this was so validating.

I’m now on track to implement these ideas into my practice asap.

Here’s one more wonderful synchronicity, Norman and my long time friend Dr Elmer Cranton go way back in time when they started the American Holidtic Health Association. Life some days is amazing.

In my early thirties in the sarcophagus of the great pyramid. There is no place like this on earth. Ginger Duke and I spent 16 hours alone there in 1984.

I’ve been meditating on and off since my mid twenties. I see it as one of three things most important to our growth as souls in the space/time continuum. Now we have a Harvard study that says meditation regrows our brain. Regrowing the brain is man amazing discovery.

Study senior author Sara Lazar of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program (as well as a Harvard Medical School instructor in psychology) stated that meditation practitioners aren’t just feeling better. They are literally undergoing changes in brain structure that create the associated sustained boosts in positive and relaxed feelings.

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Have you ever felt like an imposter? Most people do at times in their lives. I know I have experienced being trusted to do something that I have learned either in school or on my own and thinking, “who am I to be doing this?”  Well, eventually we accept that we really do know how to do the things we do. But what about the new things? What about our work?

“What holds us back from being more confident at work is often a sense that we are fundamentally different from those who succeed.

Too often we leave the possibility of success to others, as we believe our own negative self talk and see our own flaws so clearly.  This gives way to the “imposter” syndrome, where we incorrectly believe others to be perfect and ourselves to be lacking.

We know ourselves from the inside, but we know others from the outside, from a narrower and more edited source of information. We suffer – needlessly – from this negative belief we are an imposter, and a fraud.”

This is a self esteem issue and this video below is a clever and succinct explanation with added good advice.

Here is the link to the web page where I discovered this. You might like this website.

Proper Use of the Mind

Recently I attended a retreat with a delightful presenter. Here name is Maria Manuchehri and she is primarily a energy intuitive. She is very capable of tuning into you, in many ways.


One of many things I learned from her was the proper use of mind. She suggested our mind primarily be used to hold positive, loving, peaceful thoughts while keeping a focus on the area a few inches below the naval. Now, my explanation is quite simplified and I am sharing this because it correlates with recent scientific research saying that our human minds are often on the future (anxiety) or the past (depression). It is good to look into the future if that future is one you would like to experience and to look into the past of that past memory is a pleasant one.

Executive Hypnosis

gratitude_imageAn article in Forbes November 2014 talks about the use of Hypnosis to assist executives.

“It’s remarkable just how many celebrities use hypnosis—how many CEOs and heads of production companies,” says Dr. Steve G. Jones, a hypnotherapist based in Savannah, Georgia, who charges $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers. “…It’s sort of a secret weapon for a lot of very successful, very wealthy people.”

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Forty Day Manifestation Prayer


Recently I read an article that was about The Magical Forty Day Manifestation Prayer

The idea underlying the 40-Day Manifestation Prayer is that of thankfulness. With the 40-Day Manifestation Prayer, you are not just generally thankful for whatever comes into your life. In this prayer, you specifically pray about something you really want. Similar to the Law of Attraction, you phrase your prayer in positive terms as if you already have whatever it is you want. You do not say, “Take this awful thing away from me,” or, “Give me this wonderful thing I want.” Both of those thought patterns assume you do not have what you want. They will continue the lack in your life.

Instead, you pray with thanks as if you already have what you want. The 40-Day Manifestation Prayer focuses that thankfulness.

It also emphasizes your relationship with the Infinite by asking for what you want in the name of what you consider to be your Higher Power. It is important to say the prayer once daily for 40 straight days. If you forget or miss a day, you must start again, counting from 1. ( I wrote my prayer out each night saying it out loud. Now it is normal to remember this Prayer at bed time or upon awakening.)

In the name of   ______________________   thank you that I am  ____________________

In the name of love, thank you that I am healthy.


Your Obituary as a tool for Transformation

Yes I have written my obituary. I have written it a few times throughout my life and it is time to write it again. When I write this current obituary it will again focus on the future and not the past. My experience in writing my obituary has always been helpful and revealing.

This exercise I first encountered in Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Over the years I have mentioned this idea and rarely has anyone gotten very excited about it. People do not like writing about death and especially their own.


I suggest writing your obituary beginning now and progressing until the end of your life. Writing about what has already happened is just reviewing history. You want to be writing about how you would want the rest of your life to be. Be fanciful and be realistic. It is most likely too late to join the space program or become a pole vaulter. This is about what you can really reasonably and fancifully create.

Your obituary is more than speculation, it is a constructive influence creating the future. Write it the way you would most like it to be, how you would feel fulfilled. If you later want to go back and write the history of life up until now, great. Now, write the future as you best imagine it. Write whatever comes to mind. You can come back and change it anytime so perfection is not necessary.

Do you know why Dr. Alfred Nobel established the peace prize? Because in 1888 a French Newspaper in error published a headline about him. The headline read: “The Merchant of Death is now Dead”. (He had invented and patented dynamite which became a very popular means of killing in warfare.)

What do you want the rest of your life to represent? How do you want to be remembered? Take up to an hour to write this. From this exercise you may more clearly define what you desire. You will gain in your sense of destiny, improve your clarity, purpose, and meaning.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. This process has power.



So many approaches to therapy focus on forgiveness. The focus is because there is a healing that comes from forgiveness. The following is an expanded explanation for the thoughts on the left.

“When you forgive, you cannot blame. If there is no one or nothing to blame, you can’t be a victim.  If you do not blame, its exceedingly difficult to become angry.  What you cannot become angry about, you do not fear.  When there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to become angry about and no one to blame.  Life is simply a miracle, and living is the process of maximizing the miraculous experience….

When you accept responsibility for everything in your universe, you gain the power to make changes.  The real changes are made in you, and thus your experience of life, and self becoming qualitatively different, almost immediately. ”

Eldon Taylor Ph.D.

Forgiveness eliminates karma.