Childhood Trance Learning & the relativity of Time

You know how it is, you get so busy, and busy can lead to stress and then to activities to release stress that themselves can be stressful. It is not always easy creating time to gift yourself with the fulfillment of a passion, time to help others, and, balancing life with laughter, joy, exercise and inner reflection.

DSC05519_croppedCan you imagine living in inner peace. Can you imagine living in inner peace for five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, sixty minutes or more? Most of us have been in this mysterious place. It probably occurred most often when we were children.

Being a child before the age of six or seven is to live in the brainwave state of trance. A state of trance awash in the meanings coming to us through intuitive feeling, sensing, and knowing. We float around in a theta brainwave state, like experiencing a lucid dream. No wonder we are so “programmed” by our complete surroundings in those early years. One of the few simple ways of re-experiencing this state of mind is through hypnosis. We go to an altered state without falling asleep or being unaware.

A client this week estimated our hypnosis session lasted ten minutes. It was over an hour. There are places we can go in consciousness that change the flow of time.

Is that why time seems so different now that we are adults? I often hear people talk about how mystifying time is, at times. Many say it seems compressed, faster, or indescribably different.. People have so many responsibilities and sometimes living in the moment may not seem like a good use of time.

As a child, before classifying something with a “name”, we just experience it. A rose is just a beautiful thing to be understood through four senses (delicate petals, thorny stem, alluring scent and brilliant color). Adults see the flower classified minimally as a rose, or in detail, as a Autumn Damask / Quatre Saisons variety. We are the many who sometimes address our attention to the negative. We see the rose and before we allow ourselves to embrace and experience it, we turn our attention to the weeds growing around it. Can you imagine weeding a garden as you embrace and experience the garden?

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