Thoughts are things


I have been back in Minnesota to visit my mom, family, and friends. In the six months that have passed my mom’s cognitive abilities have slipped and two friends are dealing with cancer.  There are so many stresses people are dealing with in their lives.  I feel blessed to be able to be supportive and help with beneficial information. I talked with my mom today and she said while I was back “everything was good”. I wish I could leave that energy behind permanently for her. While I was there I bought a book by Dr. Masaru Emoto. I was familiar with his work and just wanted the book to support his ongoing efforts to research and elucidate the relationship between thought and material objects as exemplified in water. My simplistic summary of his research is this: Thoughts are things with tangible affects in our physical world. His research specifically shows the relationship between thoughts and the molecular structure of water. Here is a video you might enjoy:  Emoto’s research indicates that there are two words/thoughts that have the greatest power to affect matter in a wonderful way, those words are gratitude and love. I also got to meet my great nephew on this trip.

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