Rains and Revelations

DSC09078smudge Nov 2014

The rains have returned to Washington, you can’t help but notice. I hear it as a constant companion as I move through the house. It sounds different sitting in my office as it comes down on the skylight. Different in the bedroom where the sound of water moving through the drain pipe has center stage. Over by Janice’s office it is coming through different piping and splashing on the sidewalk, another different sound. In my music room it falls on the pavement and off of the deck onto the pavement, two unique sounds that merge into one. Living in Washington you learn to recognize the many varieties of rain. Today we had the deluge. It began with hail and rain coming down, coming down so fast no one goes out in it if they can avoid it. And a person might as well just sit still for a bit, as this kind of rain is rare, and doesn’t last long.

Living a life we learn to recognize the many varieties of experiences. We experience love. And we know that each love is unique while also seeming familiar.

I googled revelation because I have always thought of it as a good thing, a heavenly pronouncement. To my surprise it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

rev·e·la·tion 1. a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.
(Surprise, you won a million dollars, or, surprise, the pictures you never wanted to get out are out)
2. the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world. (You shall be blessed with abundance, or I’m warning you Noah, build an ark)

It is evident that there is no particular qualitative characteristic for the word revelation. Therefore, may all your revelations be blessings!

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