More than three years ago I had a woman come and see me. She was having trouble with life. We talked for a long time. She rested her feet up on an ottoman between us. I asked her if she would like to go into a trance now and would it be okay if I directed energy into her body by holding her feet. It is the only time I have ever held someone’s feet during a session. (Having a Reiki Healing Certification and being a Minister allows me as a Hypnotherapist to appropriately apply touch and I do so very sparingly.) Our session went well and I think I have seen her once in the many years since.

So, a few months ago a longtime friend said she had talked with this client about that session long ago. I immediately went into a a thought pattern of fear. I was afraid that she may have said my holding her feet during that session was wrong or creepy or something. Being human I do care about what others think of me even though I would like to be free of caring.

captura-de-ecrc3a3-2012-01-02-11-32-40Imagine my surprise when I learned that she had been suicidal at that session and since that session had had no suicidal thoughts. I was very happy about her and a little troubled that I would be worried about being appropriate. I am revisiting this topic because of someone I know having taken her life recently. My experience tells me that truly suicidal people can hide that intent very well, much better than those crying out for help. Without my intuition would this woman of that session years ago still be with us? I don’t know. I do know that she credits that session with her choosing life and that I was compelled to add energy healing with her.

Being a therapist can be a difficult thing. Sometimes people come to simply prove that the last resort, hypnosis, can’t help them either. My intent is to help. It can be difficult to balance the training, theories, and intuition. I see all of us as spinning tops, and most of us wobble off of our centers. We are caught in complex patterns and habits that have recent or distant causes. We are comfortable in the familiarity of those habits and patterns even when they do not serve us well.

At this time in my life, I am considering scaling back my practice or taking a sabbatical, maybe I’ll write, or do more study and research, I am not sure. If we are alive, things are changing. That is true.

As an additional thought, is it possible that happiness is only attainable when we Love Allow And Accept?

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