The Common Cold

It seemed like the feeling in my head, sinus, and throat could be allergies. But, on the third day there was complete certainty, its a cold. Starve a cold, feed a fever, or so they say. I decided to try a modified version of a remedy that comes from the Edgar Cayce archives. On the hour, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.  My version is to combine the baking soda with an Airborne as often as I think of doing so. Hour on the hour would be better, I suppose.


Considering the mental issues with colds is something I must do. Most people believe that a cold lasts about two weeks. In other eras most believed the earth was flat. Truth is an evolving story. The belief in anything has immense power in the life of the believer. (On my News and Studies > page in the medical section, are several interesting articles on placebo studies.)

A belief in a two week recovery period ensures that a two week recovery period will have a much higher probability of extending to two weeks. In essence this is a nocebo effect (opposite of the placebo). When a person believes there is another possibility of rapid recovery, that too has a placebo effect.

The theory that underlies all of this is that our bodies can be between acid or alkaline balance. Alkaline is better because the cold virus does not like alkaline environments. The regular baking soda, combined with a mostly alkaline diet, will change the ph of our body. This is an easy test with ph test paper readily available at most drug stores.
A list of alkaline and acid producing foods here >.
Details behind the science >

It is very helpful to go to bed as soon as you realize you have a cold. Flat on our backs with few distractions some say is the purpose of a cold. To lay there living in our minds for a while between sneezes and blowing of the nose may offer an opportunity for learning something about our lives.

I hope this day finds you well.

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