I recently watched a video and it was very timely. Sometimes we know something but it is compartmentalized. For example, when I work with people with addictions, I emphasize the importance of choosing to commit completely to stopping. One hundred percent commitment is what is essential to success.

So, wouldn’t one hundred percent commitment be important for success in all things? Of course. Here is a link to a Ted Talk that I really like.

Thoughts about Choices

My Garden

I have not posted in quite some time and I think it is time to do so. Many things change in the world and many things remain the same.

I have seen two cigarette smokers recently and its been generally unsatisfying. As medicine says to knowingly do no harm, I say respect each person’s free will. Smokers often do not want to stop smoking but due to illness and family pressures they want a therapist to make them stop. This is an interesting position for me as a hypnotherapist as it requires me to stay within the bounds of my beliefs that include helping them to understand they must want to stop if there is to be effective help given. I also only use hypnosis in the context of helping someone get results they really want.

Both smokers had very bad health due to cigarettes and both didn’t really want to stop. Their appointments had been created by family members. I bent my personal rule to see them for only one appointment to begin and I doubt either will return in spite of life threatening disease. And, it is their body to do with what they wish and I respect that.

The right and the gift of choice is a very big thing for all of us. We do create our reality on many levels and its just an experience from which we may gain wisdom. I was a smoker and I got the experience and fortunately for me I am still choosing better health.

Everyone has addictions. I have a very intuitive friend, Echo Bodine, and she wrote in her book Echos of The Soul: “Addictions on the soul’s level, can be seen as an ongoing part of the battle between the physical realm and the spiritual realm to determine which is ultimately in power.” I like that!

Anxiety Manifestation


Recently anxiety has overtaken depression in the realms of most popular psychological malady. As a human being I too at times become anxious. As a therapist many people come to see me due to anxiety. Because we are mind in a body, discovering the thoughts that create the anxiety and lessening or eliminating those thoughts is the path to calm.

“Many of us don’t realize that every thought, word and action we say and do in life is transmitted via the etheric and nervous system to every organ, cell and molecule of the body. In less than a second your energy system starts working towards your choices and actions. If these are not congruent with your beliefs, goals and values, the result will be a physical or chemical imbalance in the body.”

“We are all motivated at a subconscious level to stay on the path of our purpose. When we deviate or refrain from this path, for whatever reason, our inner being starts working against us, alerting us to look inside ourselves and at what we are avoiding, denying, or resisting. If we refuse to listen, we become anxious, stressed and plagued with fear and confusion. When we deny what we feel, we feel trapped and become ungrounded. Life feels chaotic.”

Here’s a simple thing to do: when you notice your mind saying something unkind about you, a word like “you idiot” (one of my past favorites when I fail at something) note that word and banish it. Forbid you to call you an idiot. In time you will stop doing that to yourself. Do this with three words and you will be happier.

Good To Know


It is said, and I agree, that when the conscious mind is in disagreement with our subconscious mind, the subconscious mind always wins out. This is something to consider, the implications are far reaching, everything is influenced by a level of our mind that by definition is sub or below awareness of your mind reading these words.

Subconsious patterns of thought, attitudes, dictate behaviors carried out by the “conscious” mind. Negative and positive attitudes and behaviors are constantly influencing the very processes of our most intricate, diverse, and interconnected systems of our body leading to disease or leading to great health.

My mother had rheumatoid arthritis and I knew her very well.  She fit the following thought pattern for this disease quite well.

“ARTHRITIS is a dis-ease that comes from a constant pattern of criticism. First of all, criticism of the self, and then criticism of other people. Arthritic people often attract a lot of criticism because it is their pattern to criticize. They are cursed with “perfectionism,” the need to be perfect at all times in every situation. ” YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE ~ Louise Hay

Could my mother have gotten well? I will always believe it possible, possible if she changed her thinking. Most people live in world where real change of thoughts and attitudes  is hard to do and harder to know to do.

Such is life.


So Simple

So many of us want to be better and better. I have for a long time desired to be an “enlightened” person. I’m not sure exactly what that means since knowing something has to come from experiencing it fully. I’ve suspected that being enlightened is a state of mind that includes being loving, kind, compassionate, caring, giving, receiving, joy, peace, helping, serving and so much more along these lines. Of the many positive words in the English language love seems to be the most powerful. So, what feedback or metric lets you know you are on that path? That you are loving? How do we know?

Well, I’m reading a book a friend suggested and in that book I found the simplest of means to discern whether we are in a loving state or not. Here it is! Is your energy towards others positive? Is your energy toward yourself positive? If it is you are expressing love. Oh I know this maybe too simple. But it only relies on taking note of your feelings. A great mystic once said that our emotions are our soul in action, our essence, and perhaps that is so. If it is so, then it is really easy to gauge whether we are expressing love in the moment. Are you feeling a positive energy toward yourself and others?


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Have you ever felt like an imposter? Most people do at times in their lives. I know I have experienced being trusted to do something that I have learned either in school or on my own and thinking, “who am I to be doing this?”  Well, eventually we accept that we really do know how to do the things we do. But what about the new things? What about our work?

“What holds us back from being more confident at work is often a sense that we are fundamentally different from those who succeed.

Too often we leave the possibility of success to others, as we believe our own negative self talk and see our own flaws so clearly.  This gives way to the “imposter” syndrome, where we incorrectly believe others to be perfect and ourselves to be lacking.

We know ourselves from the inside, but we know others from the outside, from a narrower and more edited source of information. We suffer – needlessly – from this negative belief we are an imposter, and a fraud.”

This is a self esteem issue and this video below is a clever and succinct explanation with added good advice.

Here is the link to the web page where I discovered this. You might like this website.

Shame: The Swampland of the Soul

I was brought up in a environment based on shame. My mom, bless her, had a capacity to make you feel like you were innately bad.   As Brene explains: “Shame drives two big tapes — “never good enough” — and, if you can talk it out of that one, “who do you think you are?” The thing to understand about shame is, it’s not guilt. Shame is a focus on self, guilt is a focus on behavior. Shame is “I am bad.” Guilt is “I did something bad.”…. Guilt: I’m sorry. I made a mistake. Shame: I’m sorry. I am a mistake.”

This is a very entertaining talk that deals with a common topic influencing many of us, lessening our self-esteem.  For women, shame is, do it all, do it perfectly and never let them see you sweat.

Research by Mahalik at Boston College. He asked, what do women need to do to conform to female norms? The top answers in this country: nice, thin, modest and use all available resources for appearance. When he asked about men, what do men in this country need to do to conform with male norms, the answers were: always show emotional control, work is first, pursue status and violence.

I think you will really like this video.

The Implications of Remote Viewing

I would title this video “The Implications of Remote Viewing”.
His proof is quite compelling. The whole story is fascinating.
Four stars if your cup of tea is the mind.

Presenting is Russell Targ, a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and was co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute’s (SRI) investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. His work with SRI in what was a new area, called remote viewing, has been widely published. His most recent book is “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.” In 1976, Targ retired from Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Co. as a senior staff scientist.

Russell Targ from SuzanneTaylor on Vimeo.

It seems noteworthy to say that I found his explanation of these abilities quite detailed. One such detail is the neutrality of the abilities. How these abilities are used is relative to the consciousness of each individual.

105 DAYS

It will take you one hundred and five days to do the following five things. Now you don’t know how you will change doing these things, one at a time, for 21 days at a time, but something will change. You don’t know what you will discover, but you will discover things.

Here are the five techniques:
Do one at a time. Do it for 21 days.
Then let me know what you discover, I’d love to know.

dsc02994v2500w1) Sometime during your day, perhaps best at bedtime, write down three things you are grateful for that have occurred in the past 24 hours. Also, write down why you are grateful. Each day find 3 new ones.

2) Think of a meaningful experience from you life for two minutes each day. Write down every detail you can remember. As you do this look at the words you used to describe your experience.

3) Add fifteen minutes of a fun activity each day with energy. This creates a cascading effect over the days. This is to be an active event.

4) Consciously add three smiles to your day. As you go through your day smile at people until three of them have replied spontaneously with a return smile.

5) Reconnect to your social network.