My Musings on Ideals

My tattered 11 x 17″ ideals page

I have often thought of ideals as a means to determine what choice to make when presented more than one choice. However, recent events have made it clear to me that though sometimes that is effective sometimes it isn’t. I am having to make a choice amongst alternatives and as I read my ideals I realize there isn’t any one alternative inherently better than the other. So how to make a choice?

Perhaps the answer lies in imagining which direction allows the greater expression of your ideals. A means of understanding this better would be to imagine two polarities. One polarity is the mob nature of crime syndicates versus the nature of working at a flower shop. If your ideal is love, then the flower shop is a much better choice than the mob.

So, I am looking at my spiritual, mental, and physical ideals and asking myself, which choice allows the greater expression of my ideals. Maybe this is how it’s supposed to work when the alternatives are relatively equal. Maybe it is like planting in the most nurturing soil, which will allow for the healthiest plant?

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