Forty Day Manifestation Prayer


Recently I read an article that was about The Magical Forty Day Manifestation Prayer

The idea underlying the 40-Day Manifestation Prayer is that of thankfulness. With the 40-Day Manifestation Prayer, you are not just generally thankful for whatever comes into your life. In this prayer, you specifically pray about something you really want. Similar to the Law of Attraction, you phrase your prayer in positive terms as if you already have whatever it is you want. You do not say, “Take this awful thing away from me,” or, “Give me this wonderful thing I want.” Both of those thought patterns assume you do not have what you want. They will continue the lack in your life.

Instead, you pray with thanks as if you already have what you want. The 40-Day Manifestation Prayer focuses that thankfulness.

It also emphasizes your relationship with the Infinite by asking for what you want in the name of what you consider to be your Higher Power. It is important to say the prayer once daily for 40 straight days. If you forget or miss a day, you must start again, counting from 1. ( I wrote my prayer out each night saying it out loud. Now it is normal to remember this Prayer at bed time or upon awakening.)

In the name of   ______________________   thank you that I am  ____________________

In the name of love, thank you that I am healthy.


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