The Swamp

dec2014_DSC01569V2I went off to the swamp on the southeast side of the property. Sometimes I just need a little adventure. So I took the camera, camera bag and tripod and set off into the domain of the beaver and other creatures. When you don’t maintain a road for years it tends to almost disappear. That would describe the state of the road leading to my ultimate destination, a little pond up the hill aways.

It is rather mystical, the forest, it seems empty but animal trails are everywhere and so too were the bones of a devoured creature. The bones lay in the shape of a x or a cross, depending on your point of view.

Up at the pond my suspicions were confirmed, beavers. Beavers were clogging the drainage points. I cleared one by hand hoping it was the one I wanted. Alas, I cleared the overflow drain pipe. I wonder if the beavers had it repaired by breakfast. They are quite amazing. On one hand they are the best flood controls you can have. On the other hand they can raise the winter water table significantly near their projects.

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