Debbie Reynolds leaves us a gift

I listened to an interview with Debbie Reynolds brother. The reporter was trying to elicit drama surrounding Debbie’s death but her brother was having none of it. He said, she willed herself into the transition we call death. Long ago I read Viktor Frankl telling of his experiences in the concentration camp in Germany during WWII. He said he witnessed people who had had enough of imprisonment. He said they indicated they had enough and they would go to sleep and die. They weren’t ill when they did this.The mind has an amazing ability to create reality or leave the body.

When watching TV, I mute commercials and avert my eyes as much as possible from them. In the late fall and all through the winter they remind us it is cold and flu season. I suspect a great many people get a malady because their told its the season. This falls under the heading of placebo and nocebo. I have many articles on this powerful phenomena in my News and Studies section of my website.

Debbie Reynolds story of her death is a testament to the ultimate power of our mind. The power to stay or leave this life. What a gift she left us to contemplate.

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