The primary key to health, longevity and happiness.

The mystics, the enlightened ones all say we are one. Quantum physics says everything exists in a sea of energy modulated into near infinite dimensions. The forms within those dimensions  are created by consciousness. Now I am going to make a leap and say that the more connected we are to other consciousness resonating with high ideals and values the happier and calmer we become. When Jesus said I bring you a new commandment, love one another, this ideal was meant to supplant the effects of living according to laws of what not to do. And, we know whatever we are thinking about preceded with a not or don’t (e.g., don’t think about green elephants with pink monkeys dancing on them) will be seen in the mind symbolically, as thoughts and words exist symbolically.

Robert Waldinger is reporting on a study run for decades and the results say that good connections with others is the primary indicator for health and happiness. Reviewing this study has made me even more grateful for the people in my life that share the love I have to offer and reflect that back to me. I know you will like this video. It may change your life significantly for the better as you apply this knowledge.


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