So Simple

So many of us want to be better and better. I have for a long time desired to be an “enlightened” person. I’m not sure exactly what that means since knowing something has to come from experiencing it fully. I’ve suspected that being enlightened is a state of mind that includes being loving, kind, compassionate, caring, giving, receiving, joy, peace, helping, serving and so much more along these lines. Of the many positive words in the English language love seems to be the most powerful. So, what feedback or metric lets you know you are on that path? That you are loving? How do we know?

Well, I’m reading a book a friend suggested and in that book I found the simplest of means to discern whether we are in a loving state or not. Here it is! Is your energy towards others positive? Is your energy toward yourself positive? If it is you are expressing love. Oh I know this maybe too simple. But it only relies on taking note of your feelings. A great mystic once said that our emotions are our soul in action, our essence, and perhaps that is so. If it is so, then it is really easy to gauge whether we are expressing love in the moment. Are you feeling a positive energy toward yourself and others?



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