Musing about my Mom and life

March 2013

I am sometimes stumped and there is no remedy for my feelings but patience, hope, and some kind of faith.

You see, my mother is now 93 and she is preparing to leave. She had a lifetime of experiences that were unique to her. Did she discover that which she desired to find? Did she have the adventure she sought? Learn what she wanted to learn?rick_and_roy_sepia_225w

And her passing makes me think about these questions and pause to ask myself these very questions.

As a hypnotherapist I am allowed into peoples memories and it is a sacred space.

These memories, seen in these pictures of my parents, and my parents with me, delight me and soon they will be united to reminisce.

rick_graduation_225w roy_joyceThe pictures on the left tell stories for sure. Few pictures of my dad and mom exist as dad was the camera man.

I am leaving for Minnesota the second week of April. and will be there for 11 days. I am hoping to be of help to my mom while I am there

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