Thoughts are Things, Thoughts are symptoms

“Thoughts are things and become crimes or miracles” says my favorite mystic.

According to Louise Hay (I have her book “You Can Heal Your Life”) physical symptoms are evidence of what is going on in your unconscious mind and how you really feel deep inside. I often look at the back of this book to pages of symptoms. Each symptom is connected to an attitude, and these attitudes we have are at the root of our physical problems.

I like to lscoreook at the body as a symphony. Each organ, bone, gland, nervous system, all parts having different unique sounds like the many instruments of the world.When we are in balance with physical nutrients and mental peacefulness, then all is well.

And when we are not we are surely headed for physical imbalance — illness.



Or you could think of them as each having their own color.


When attitudes become negative the sounds become flat or sharp, raspy or sharp. The colors become muddied or changed in some way that no longer blends with other colors. I am thinking about this because I see how it happens in us and why we have such difficulty being aware of our creations. And even when someone becomes aware of their creations and the how and why, it is often difficult to create a new and healing habit.

PS  Here is more on this subject. Coincidentally, a Science Alert article was published three days after this blog post.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The patterns we predict with the harmonic waves on the human brain can be compared to the musical notes composing a complex musical piece; the building blocks of more complex patterns of brain activity,” said lead author of the study, Selen Atasoy.

“Our results show the shape of the brain matters, in the same way that the… shape of a Stradivarius violin matters if you want to produce an exquisite sound when the strings are vibrated,” added Pearson. “Interestingly, the same kinds of harmonic waves are thought to explain other self-organising phenomena in nature, such as the patterns that sand forms when sitting on a vibrating metal plate, or the development of biological patterns such as the stripes on tigers and spots on leopards.”

You can read the article here >