Good To Know


It is said, and I agree, that when the conscious mind is in disagreement with our subconscious mind, the subconscious mind always wins out. This is something to consider, the implications are far reaching, everything is influenced by a level of our mind that by definition is sub or below awareness of your mind reading these words.

Subconsious patterns of thought, attitudes, dictate behaviors carried out by the “conscious” mind. Negative and positive attitudes and behaviors are constantly influencing the very processes of our most intricate, diverse, and interconnected systems of our body leading to disease or leading to great health.

My mother had rheumatoid arthritis and I knew her very well.  She fit the following thought pattern for this disease quite well.

“ARTHRITIS is a dis-ease that comes from a constant pattern of criticism. First of all, criticism of the self, and then criticism of other people. Arthritic people often attract a lot of criticism because it is their pattern to criticize. They are cursed with “perfectionism,” the need to be perfect at all times in every situation. ” YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE ~ Louise Hay

Could my mother have gotten well? I will always believe it possible, possible if she changed her thinking. Most people live in world where real change of thoughts and attitudes  is hard to do and harder to know to do.

Such is life.


Change is Normal

Change is normal, necessary, and unavoidable. I’m changing my spiritual ideal to love. I’ve been influenced to do so by a very loving man I met at my retreat this week. In the presence of kindness and love we may realize Its never too late to improve. I really hope to someday be the best I can be and little by little change comes.