As the World Turns

When I was a child and arrived home from grade school my sisters and I liked to watch an afternoon program, an ongoing serialization As the World Turns. My world, the earth, is traveling around our star at approximately 67,000 miles per hour while spinning on its axis at 1000 miles per hour. Our star is moving through space also pulling us behind it in a corkscrew manner at a speed of 483,000 miles per hour. We are constantly on the move.

The last two and one-half years have seen a great deal of movement. We have seen our world change at a rate that leaves many confused. Plandemics, lockdowns, economic disasters, fear porn, job losses, business failures, the rise of totalitarian governments, and NGO’s (nongovernment organizations) have wreaked havoc on the common people as the one-percenters have become much richer and the rest of the people poorer.

I am a fortunate man (yes I identify as a man, this having something to do with my gender from birth) I have been an autodidactic, one who teaches himself. In teaching myself I have the advantage of delving into aspects of subjects that would be off-limits in the context of formal education. In the days of my formal education, I realized early on that there were two modes of “truth”. There was the scientific method and there was the consensus method. All you had to do to get an A was regurgitate verbatim what the professor told you and you get the illusion of being smart.

Now, you may have noticed that the methodology these days is consensus-based and often politically driven. You are told to follow the rules, conform, and not to question “science”. Science that now is not scientific method driven. We are seeing that these days in the climate debate and the debate over the efficacy of the “vaccine” that never saw proper double-blind testing.

It is the “vaccine” that I wish to address today. I have decided that there are four levels of people concerning the “vaccine”. The first level is the group that decided to do their due diligence. They paused and they looked at the early data and decided to wait and see just what the results of this grand experiment would be. They saw that these “vaccines” when tested on animals a decade earlier ended badly for the animals — they all died. This group became persecuted, called anti-vaxers, and were pushed out of jobs if they decided not to risk their health. I fall into this group. I was and am lucky to be an autodidactic.

The next level down was the people who thought they were doing the right thing based on the government and quasi-governmental groups such as the CDC, NIH, the WHO, and, others. The government spent untold millions to craft messages (propaganda) designed to appeal to the goodness of people. So they dutifully lined up for their shots to save others. Very noble.

Propaganda has a tendency to ensnare minds. People in this group could not imagine their institutions would mislead them. They also believed in the myth of the omnipotent well educated doctor. Doctors, however, are a greatly hypnotized group and follow the recommendations of their many institutions. I am saying that doctors, though well educated, have a herd mentality. They don’t want to rock the boat and they follow the rules laid out for them called Standards of Practice. If they don’t, they risk losing their license. Part of their problem is that most doctors are now employees of corporations. The number is near 85%. Most have student loans to pay off and unlike doctors of old lack the entrepreneurial spirit, and critical thinking. Sadly, they ignored the rules of informed consent and blindly ignored evidence in a classic case of failed critical thinking. And this has put billions of people at risk. Informed consent is telling the patient all the risks inherent in any treatment. One of the smartest people I knew was a Harvard medical school graduate at the top of his class and he explained to me how much the medical educational system hypnotizes the to-be doctors.

The next level was the people coerced. Take the “vaccine” or lose your job. Most people need their income or face losing their assets. To force people to put something into their bodies that they do not want is a form of slavery. If your body is not in your control then you have lost all your freedom.

The fourth level was the people who questioned nothing and “go along to get along”. They are afraid of rocking the boat or standing out in the crowd for being different. Not only did this group blindly go forth into this big experiment, but they also made life difficult for those who did not take the “vaccine”. For taking an experimental drug without the safety data normally required and created through rigorous testing and studies, they were simply stupid. The very stupid continue to get all their shots despite the mounting mortality.

Now deaths from all-cause mortality are off the standard deviation charts. People are dying at an accelerating rate and the commonality is the “vaccine”. In a society there are statistics that accurately forecast the expected deaths in any year and when we see the number of deaths now occurring it should be sounding an alarm, and the alarm would be sounding if the media didn’t get most of their revenue from the pharmaceutical companies, and who owns the pharmaceutical companies?

Worse, it now appears from the analysis of the “vaccine” that there are substances in the shot that are designed to create that “all-cause mortality”. In short, a massive die-off is now occurring and will most likely become far worse in the future.

In addition to the mortality issue, it is now documented that those who took the “vaccine” are now Petri dishes for creating spike proteins that can spread to the unvaccinated. Because of this, I am taking a break from seeing clients. I might decide to see people who are part of the unvaccinated group at some time in the future. When I do not know.

I wish everyone good health and good luck going forward.