Goodbye Ruby

The unthinkable, the unbearable, the unfathomable, loss, something gone, not to return, a spirit set free of a body. My cat Ruby died today. The vet came. She said it was most likely kidney failure. I will bury her after a while, the vet said its best to wait a while. That makes sense to me, she’ll probably try a few times to get that body moving. I laid next to her as she passed and she summoned up faint purrs at the end. I am so blessed.

So I’m singing her a few songs as she lies in her bed in front of the window in my music room. And in a while, dusk, I will take her out to a spot by the pond that she loved. I am wrapping her in a fine towel and burying her between two large stones. I know she would approve.


We most all know loss, loss of a pet is different for me than the loss of people. Pets so embody unconditional love, and so, their loss is different.  We usually don’t have grudges with our pets, things we could never forgive because it was so awful. No, we are pulled to be our best selves with our pets. We forgive, offer kindness as best we can, and we might at times wonder how they can be so kind and forgiving.