Five Questions That Left Me Thinking…

Westport Wa.  September 2016

I was reading a blog post recently and one third of the way through the post I encountered the following:

“One way to begin discovering what kind of unconscious ideals we’ve been constructing in our own lives is to ask ourselves introspective questions like the following:

1) What sort of workplace would my company be if every employee was just like myself?; 2) What sort of home life would there be if every wife/husband/child was just like myself?; 3) What sort of neighborhood would this be if every neighbor were just like myself?;
4) What sort of self-worth would individuals have if every person had my self-esteem?; or, 5) What sort of church or synagogue would my congregation be if every member were just like myself?

Questions like these aren’t meant to discourage us but instead to help us realize just how powerful unconscious ideals have been in shaping what we’ve become, both positively and negatively.”

I hope someday to be able to answer all these with an adamant yes. For now these sentences may best be an easy way to check my progress.