I Have to Confess

This is a segment of a tree that had sat for many years and as I was splitting the rounds the bark came off and I photographed this and many other beautifully colorful designs.

I have to confess that I write down many things. I have legal pads filled with ideas, notes, thoughts, lyric fragments and more. There are so many different things on those pads that thus far, I don’t have a good organizational system.

Today I was looking for some notes I took from a recorded therapy session for myself and found a list. I think this list came from a movie my Chiropractor in Rainier recommended. I hope you enjoy my notes.

Engage your friends
Bury the past, let go of your hurts, forgive
House the homeless
Respect the old
Thank god for your work ethic
Whoever you are and wherever you go, change is possible
Keep your word
Do your best
No assumptions
Share your feelings
Let yourself be happy
Tell others you love them
Live your truth
Be true to yourself
Play with your children
Hang with your friends
Tell the truth
Make amends
Resolve conflicts
Follow your dreams
Help others
Do it now
Stick to your principals
Be present
Finish what you start
Release drama
Have Gratitude