Depressed by the Manipulation of the Speed of Light


I have a theory and I am going to share it with you. I theorize that we are recently being depressed by the speed of light. Of course, it is logical to assume that the speed of light has remained constant in the universe for some time. So it isn’t a change in the speed of light that is causing the depression. I think we might be depressed because we have learned to use the speed of light to move information globally.

Just a few hundred years ago, news that occurred in Europe would take months to arrive in the United States. By the time we heard the news the impact on us was muted by the time that had passed — months. Now you can’t escape the bad news, it comes across social media equally fast. Often it is compassion evoking and often fear provoking.

Information/news systems now alert us to many events happening globally. These news events are strongly skewed toward “bad” things just as local news is about every big enough bad thing that happened that day. And, it is unimportant that we assign responsibility for this bias to the demands of viewers or the propagandists of an era. What is important is the ratio of reality presented in information/news systems.

Continuing with my theorizing,  if on average, each person is kind to another person three times a day, then we have 21 billion acts of kindness each day.These acts come from humans, humans that possess freewill, choice.

If our information/news systems represented this ratio of reality, you and I would have a difficult time finding a violent fear inducing show on television. Most everyday, most everybody, does their best to cooperate, get along, be helpful and perhaps someday our institutions, nation, and world will reflect the values of the regular people doing acts of kindness to others.

I received five acts of kindness from others today and that made me think about the speed of light and the ratio of reality in our information/news systems. Most important is the choice to give acts of kindness, as that heals our body and the soul.

There was a woman in France alive and well into her hundred and twenties. Of course, everyone would like to know how to stay well and enjoy life like she was doing. She wasn’t a saint and had a shot of something every night and she had smoked for a hundred of those years. What she had was a ideal. An ideal of staying calm if there was nothing she could do to change something happening in the world. Now isn’t that something?


Love Accept and Allow


I feel the need to write something. I would like it to be something that you would read and then find yourself in complete understanding, peace and bliss. That would be enough of a contribution for me to give the world.

Some people say if you are still alive you have not yet completed what your soul wants you to complete in this life. I am still alive and wondering just what that could be. It is mind boggling to realize we are all here with something to learn and something to do. It’s not like we are all here to begin revolutions or save the world. No, its much simpler and it has something to do with giving, with being of service.

I initially saw my work with hypnosis in lofty terms. I would help people discover their purpose and complete that purpose. I would help them heal and find meaning and purpose. After so many years my aspirations have lessened but not my ideal. I cannot accelerate the growth of a tomato or a person. Everyone has their own timeline and free will, this means that they write the rules of their reality.

So, I love accept and allow

Sometimes the tools we think we are going to use to help others are as much that opportunity as they are the opportunity to change self. In the personal transformation world you hear it is the journey that is most important, not the destination. Perhaps the journey and the destination are important as you are both moving within the illusion of time and space and already one with everything.

The seers say the truth is within each of us, to be found in the little things of kindness, compassion, love, and service.



The Common Cold

It seemed like the feeling in my head, sinus, and throat could be allergies. But, on the third day there was complete certainty, its a cold. Starve a cold, feed a fever, or so they say. I decided to try a modified version of a remedy that comes from the Edgar Cayce archives. On the hour, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.  My version is to combine the baking soda with an Airborne as often as I think of doing so. Hour on the hour would be better, I suppose.


Considering the mental issues with colds is something I must do. Most people believe that a cold lasts about two weeks. In other eras most believed the earth was flat. Truth is an evolving story. The belief in anything has immense power in the life of the believer. (On my News and Studies > page in the medical section, are several interesting articles on placebo studies.)

A belief in a two week recovery period ensures that a two week recovery period will have a much higher probability of extending to two weeks. In essence this is a nocebo effect (opposite of the placebo). When a person believes there is another possibility of rapid recovery, that too has a placebo effect.

The theory that underlies all of this is that our bodies can be between acid or alkaline balance. Alkaline is better because the cold virus does not like alkaline environments. The regular baking soda, combined with a mostly alkaline diet, will change the ph of our body. This is an easy test with ph test paper readily available at most drug stores.
A list of alkaline and acid producing foods here >.
Details behind the science >

It is very helpful to go to bed as soon as you realize you have a cold. Flat on our backs with few distractions some say is the purpose of a cold. To lay there living in our minds for a while between sneezes and blowing of the nose may offer an opportunity for learning something about our lives.

I hope this day finds you well.


More than three years ago I had a woman come and see me. She was having trouble with life. We talked for a long time. She rested her feet up on an ottoman between us. I asked her if she would like to go into a trance now and would it be okay if I directed energy into her body by holding her feet. It is the only time I have ever held someone’s feet during a session. (Having a Reiki Healing Certification and being a Minister allows me as a Hypnotherapist to appropriately apply touch and I do so very sparingly.) Our session went well and I think I have seen her once in the many years since.

So, a few months ago a longtime friend said she had talked with this client about that session long ago. I immediately went into a a thought pattern of fear. I was afraid that she may have said my holding her feet during that session was wrong or creepy or something. Being human I do care about what others think of me even though I would like to be free of caring.

captura-de-ecrc3a3-2012-01-02-11-32-40Imagine my surprise when I learned that she had been suicidal at that session and since that session had had no suicidal thoughts. I was very happy about her and a little troubled that I would be worried about being appropriate. I am revisiting this topic because of someone I know having taken her life recently. My experience tells me that truly suicidal people can hide that intent very well, much better than those crying out for help. Without my intuition would this woman of that session years ago still be with us? I don’t know. I do know that she credits that session with her choosing life and that I was compelled to add energy healing with her.

Being a therapist can be a difficult thing. Sometimes people come to simply prove that the last resort, hypnosis, can’t help them either. My intent is to help. It can be difficult to balance the training, theories, and intuition. I see all of us as spinning tops, and most of us wobble off of our centers. We are caught in complex patterns and habits that have recent or distant causes. We are comfortable in the familiarity of those habits and patterns even when they do not serve us well.

At this time in my life, I am considering scaling back my practice or taking a sabbatical, maybe I’ll write, or do more study and research, I am not sure. If we are alive, things are changing. That is true.

As an additional thought, is it possible that happiness is only attainable when we Love Allow And Accept?

I’ve got Buddha on my mind

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.
Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
The mind is everything. What you think you become.
Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.
We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.
Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.




I was expecting to see a woman this week. Her sister had passed recently. I was expecting her call.

Yesterday two people called to say she had taken her life late Monday. We were to meet this week sometime when she would be in Olympia. We had talked for half an hour last Wednesday and life was difficult for her. Her bond with her sister was very strong. She had cared for her sister as her sister moved through last stages of cancer.  Her loss was compounded by having to get back into the flow of commerce, find a job, make some money.

Most people who knew her considered her grief normal. I too felt she was grieving and would naturally emerge from that grief. Everyone will have a moment of wondering what if? What if I had called, or what if I had noticed, or what if I had reached out. This is normal and it is normal because the future is unknown. Consciousness is busily holding thoughts and feelings, busily creating the future moment by moment.

DSC02169v1All souls are eternal, and lifetimes are but a blink of an eye in eternity. Lessons not worked through will be worked through later. It is a universe of eventually, eventually we grow into greater harmony. It is ultimately a cooperative universe.

She is close and she and I are going to collaborate on a creation that commemorates her life.If you wish to communicate with her, find quiet space, think of her,watch, listen, feel, she is close.

My sense is that she is now looking at the options she had that she didn’t see in her grief. She made a choice. Choice is that which makes us truly divine. With our ultimate return to oneness with the source, her choice is of no real importance in the scope of eternity. Still, now we process our loss and grief alone and together. Such are the effects of some transitions in life.