The Subconscious and Words

The personality, the ego, is a composite of many factors including past lives, genetics, the entire social environment one incarnates into, and the choices we make with that part of our soul we know exists and is called the will. The study of the use of the will is what got me to be a thirty-year practitioner of hypnotherapy.

I have a unique advantage in using hypnotherapy because I have had a parallel interest in metaphysics going back five decades. You could say that I see the complexity underlying the problem that a client brings to me to assist in changing.

The conscious mind when it comes into conflict or disagreement with the subconscious mind almost always loses. Focusing on what you want will, over time, create reality, but it requires much more time (sometimes lifetimes) to create. Why? Because the mind wanders and at the time that the “state” is reached the symbol (words create symbols to the deeper mind) may be lost to an errant thought such as what you might want to eat.

One day around eleven o’clock in Egypt in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid I heard a young boy talking to someone and he was talking about having a cheeseburger. I knew, given the energy field of the chamber, that he would surely have a cheeseburger sooner than later. Be careful what you wish for when in such an energetic setting.

One of the great learnings I had on my journey is understanding language and the symbology of language because it is very powerful on the subconscious level. When I came across this video I had to write this post and share it with you.