Masters and Disasters in Relationships

We live in a wonderful age of information. With just a little bit of commitment we can find brilliant answers to so many of our questions. The videos below are from my favorite relationship researcher John Gottmann, he has been researching the causes of relationship success and failure for decades. If both people in a relationship wanted success, he has the tools available in books and videos. These videos are great.

Spring Arrives

Spring arrived today signaling a change, we are cycling again. 

To experience love is to experience giving from within. That experience is something that we recognize and can easily distinguish it from taking, and from wanting. Given freely, love is a testimony to the fact we’re not ¬†hollow or empty inside, but contain a spark of creative spirit.

Henry Reed

Memories, Emotions, and Reality

For days since having a dream I have contemplated the importance of memories. Here’s the dream:

We are what we remember,

Choose what to remember,

Remember what makes you feel good, happy, joyful, magical and transcendental.

And you become your memories.

In true scynchronistic fashion I can across an article on the web citing new scientific studies confirming “Human Emotion Shapes Physical Reality”

Here is the link

New Research Shocks Scientists: Human Emotion Physically Shapes Reality!