The State of Olympic Hypnotherapy

I have seen very few clients this year. The scamdemic brought my practice to a sudden halt where it remains — in limbo.

There is much going on in the world and many are going to surprised and caught unaware in the coming days, months, and years. There are forces competing for control of the human race. Some of those forces are very negative and some are very positive.

It certainly looks like I will be waiting for the truth to come out about the “pandemic” and a return to some sort of sane environment before returning to setting up a new office and seeing clients.

Learn the difference between a true case and what the media is telling you is a case. A true case is one where the person has symptoms and a cause of those symptoms can be isolated. The “cases” in the media are the result of a test that does not test for the virus but rather tests for fragments of DNA that anyone can have from a past flu or cold. Do you know that so far the CDC has not isolated a virus?

There is a war on human beings, a war for their very souls. Do not take the vaccine it will seriously harm you. It is designed to harm you, to cut you off from emotions, from your deeper mind and soul. You will not be able to reverse the affects of the vaccine.