Holistic Medicine

As my brilliant retired doctor says, “the medical system has gone to hell”.  The idea of treating the patient physically, mentally, and spiritually is virtually none existent. Physicians refer to specialists to limit liability under threat of malpractice having to do with the legal definition of the standard of care. There is a good historical analysis here.

In other countries physicians are encouraged to consider more than just tests and to treat the patient by considering many variables affecting the patient’s life. I have yet to find a practice in my city that incorporates multiple modalities within one office. It is ironic that one of the pioneers of hypnotherapy was a medical doctor. Dr. Milton Erickson was so successful at assisting patients that his approach is still the subject of analysis, research, publications and books.

Erickson wikipedia page
Erickson Foundation page

As I thought about this today I was thinking about how nice it would be to be part of a team consisting of multi-disciplinary professionals working in concert to assist patients with their symptoms. Perhaps someday that will be so. For now, each professional works with their own subset of tools, interpreting each patients symptoms within a narrow discipline.

The photo is of Milton Erickson

And now a few words from Milton Erickson:

“A patient comes to you because he can’t do the things he thinks he should be able do. The hypnotherapist is helping the patient transcend their learned limitations in order to realize their potentials.

That is the only legitimate basis of prestige. We naturally confer prestige on those who help us transcend our own limitations.

Magic is essentially understanding how the mind works and facilitating its potential is white magic;  using that understanding for harmful intent is black magic.”

I realize from her questions I hear from people just how often hypnosis is so misunderstood. It seems to me that it’s all about helping. Transcending our own limitations is about beneficial new patterns of thoughts and actions. The goal is positive thoughts and desires.