The State of Olympic Hypnotherapy

I have seen very few clients this year. The scamdemic brought my practice to a sudden halt where it remains — in limbo.

There is much going on in the world and many are going to surprised and caught unaware in the coming days, months, and years. There are forces competing for control of the human race. Some of those forces are very negative and some are very positive.

It certainly looks like I will be waiting for the truth to come out about the “pandemic” and a return to some sort of sane environment before returning to setting up a new office and seeing clients.

Learn the difference between a true case and what the media is telling you is a case. A true case is one where the person has symptoms and a cause of those symptoms can be isolated. The “cases” in the media are the result of a test that does not test for the virus but rather tests for fragments of DNA that anyone can have from a past flu or cold. Do you know that so far the CDC has not isolated a virus?

There is a war on human beings, a war for their very souls. Do not take the vaccine it will seriously harm you. It is designed to harm you, to cut you off from emotions, from your deeper mind and soul. You will not be able to reverse the affects of the vaccine.

No Fight, No Loser

Oh what I might have become. I often wonder who I would be today if I had taken another turn on the road of life. There was a time in my past when I was a student of T T Liang. What if I had dedicated myself fully to learning everything I could learn from him. If I had done so, if he had been my teacher, certainly life would be different. I can only imagine to the extent that I can hold a vision of infinite choices I would have made from that point.

He taught me No Fight, No Loser that cooperation is essential. I have quite a ways to go before I would ever consider myself a model of cooperation. Especially if we factor in not only actions but thoughts.

We are in a time of great change, great strife, great division, and great manipulation by various forces bent on their vision of the future. I feel the best we can do is listen to others and find whatever common ground we can. If we don’t, we increase the probability of a descent into madness.

It is helpful to remember and consider that anger is most often a mask covering a core feeling of fear. Its not easy being calm amid the chaos.

People wonder what party I belong to and I could say that mine is the Golden Party. And there is only one rule for this party and that is the Golden Rule. I wish you peace.

One Year

It is amazing to me just how much change can come in one short year. A year ago seems like lifetimes ago. So much water under the bridge as some say.

In one year we sold our last house at Regal Park, we went on a short vacation and I had a “heart attack” and was hospitalized and two stents put in, (two days in the hospital and more than $100,000 in costs) we traveled to Taos New Mexico, we bought a new house, we visited my family in Minnesota, we packed up and moved, put many many hours getting things the way they should be at the new house, saw two clients at my home office for a while, and then came the “virus”.

So, I am staying home tending my garden and observing the world go by.


PS I need a haircut! LOL

I’ve been out and about

I’ve been out and about; Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, the Coop, Trader Joes, Safeway, Hagen and gas stations. Generally people are showing the results of fear and stress. It’s sad. Of all the places I go, I mostly liked Lowes and Costco. Home Depot has lines and Lowes you can just walk into.

I have been researching the current virus problem and I can tell you there’s a hidden agenda to use this minor problem to take more of our liberties away. To do so there will be great suffering economically and psychologically.

Being in fear creates causes more disease. I have friends in great fear — scared to death. I don’t want them “angry” with me so I don’t interfere. The only people I challenge to consider other data are family and others that I know will still be my friend if I do present other data.

If you notice others being angry it is important to remember that anger masks fear. Send me an email if you are looking for non-propagada information.


I recently watched a video and it was very timely. Sometimes we know something but it is compartmentalized. For example, when I work with people with addictions, I emphasize the importance of choosing to commit completely to stopping. One hundred percent commitment is what is essential to success.

So, wouldn’t one hundred percent commitment be important for success in all things? Of course. Here is a link to a Ted Talk that I really like.

Thoughts about Choices

My Garden

I have not posted in quite some time and I think it is time to do so. Many things change in the world and many things remain the same.

I have seen two cigarette smokers recently and its been generally unsatisfying. As medicine says to knowingly do no harm, I say respect each person’s free will. Smokers often do not want to stop smoking but due to illness and family pressures they want a therapist to make them stop. This is an interesting position for me as a hypnotherapist as it requires me to stay within the bounds of my beliefs that include helping them to understand they must want to stop if there is to be effective help given. I also only use hypnosis in the context of helping someone get results they really want.

Both smokers had very bad health due to cigarettes and both didn’t really want to stop. Their appointments had been created by family members. I bent my personal rule to see them for only one appointment to begin and I doubt either will return in spite of life threatening disease. And, it is their body to do with what they wish and I respect that.

The right and the gift of choice is a very big thing for all of us. We do create our reality on many levels and its just an experience from which we may gain wisdom. I was a smoker and I got the experience and fortunately for me I am still choosing better health.

Everyone has addictions. I have a very intuitive friend, Echo Bodine, and she wrote in her book Echos of The Soul: “Addictions on the soul’s level, can be seen as an ongoing part of the battle between the physical realm and the spiritual realm to determine which is ultimately in power.” I like that!

Following Your Conscience

I recently watched a video on Amazon Prime and found a persuasive argument presented in favor of the theory that there is a strong correlation between vaccinations and autism in children. The video also points to a criminal conspiracy within the CDC to keep the results of the data from the public.

My facebook post brought a very strong response from a physician I know attempting to debunk the data with an adherence to the official position from the CDC. Of course, if the data were falsified, as is asserted by the Chief Scientist on a team of five who analyzed the data, then the doctors have all been drawing conclusions from false premises. The Chief Scientist became a whistle blower and the original data and reports were saved. Saved because the other studies were destroyed. It was a cover-up. It is still a cover-up and I am certain compulsory vaccinations have an insidious intention.

I like what Einstein said: “The only thing I did was this: in long intervals I have expressed an opinion on public issues whenever they appeared to me so bad and unfortunate that silence would have made me feel guilty of complicity.”

It is really interesting that Amazon Prime Video has been “persuaded” to remove all videos critical of vaccines. Isn’t that interesting! You will soon be losing “ownership” of you body. If you can, watch the movie vaxxed.

Back from my Sabbatical

I had meant to take a couple of months off to work on rehabbing the house we were planning to move into if our house sold. As plans often do, they changed. In Minnesota I tore my Achilles badly and for the next several months I was on crutches and in a boot. Some sabbatical. Of course there was some great learnings. Not being able to walk is a learning experience for sure. I’m now in physical therapy and getting much better. Still, I have to be careful for many months as this heals.

We moved in December and I have my office here now in the building next door. Here is a photo.

My New Office Space

The Trap

The Trap is getting caught in a fearful polarity. I’ll explain. Sitting with friends the other evening the subject of Donald Trump came up. And there was almost unanimous agreement that he needed to go to jail or worse. I was the holdout. Not that I think he is an admirable man. It’s just that for me the best outcome is that he have an encounter that transforms him into a man of high ideals and good values.

Because Mystics and Physists believe the three dimensional universe is part of a greater multi dimensional universe where everything is connected, I choose to wish for something wonderful to happen for all of us as we are all connected and benefit from the greater peace and happiness of our companions in this universe.

The Trap for us is anger driven by fear. Our fear then strengthens the forces of anger and fear.

A Personal Update

It is December and I have taken months off. It started as a sabbatical and then extended into the complications of a ripped Achilles Tendon, a remodel of a house, and then a move into that house.

I am now walking fairly well again and getting my new office together so that I can again see people. Change just keeps coming along and I am hoping the changes you desire come true soon.

Holiday Greetings to You,